Twenty protective helmets given to young two-wheeler riders at Sandy Ground


The Community, in collaboration with the Local Council for Security and Crime Prevention (CLSPD) distributed last Friday on the Sandy Ground sports platform free protective helmets to young two-wheeler drivers. Yes, wearing a helmet can save your life!

This is a strong message that elected officials wanted to send in  road safety terms to young people at Sandy Ground.

The President of the COM, Louis Mussington, the 2nd Vice-President, Bernadette Davis, the Territorial Councilor, Martine Beldor, the Territorial Councilor, Raphael Sanchez went to Sandy Ground as part of the "Collectivity at the heart of the neighborhoods" scheme. .

The elected officials were accompanied by Julien Marie, director of the services of the Cabinet of the prefecture representing the delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, Vincent Berton.

Led by the CLPSD, this operation consists of meeting young people in the neighborhoods to discuss, carry out prevention and support them in their integration process.

After Colombier, Rambaud – St Louis and Grand-Case, it was the turn of Sandy Ground to receive the visit of the community and its elected officials.

In this week dedicated to road safety and following too many fatal two-wheeler accidents in recent months, President Louis Mussington and his team have decided to distribute protective helmets to young people in the neighborhood. An operation financed jointly within the framework of the CLSPD.

"We encourage young people to wear helmets to preserve their lives and to behave responsibly on the road", underlined the elected officials during the presentation of the helmets. “It is together that we will succeed in positively changing behavior. Thank you to the young people and neighborhood associations who help us relay prevention messages to young people. Special thanks to the CLSPD, Patrick Henoc, coordinator and his colleagues, for the prevention work carried out in the field”.

The Collectivity also wanted to thank the Suzuki store located at Sandy Ground and Carl Maricel for the supply of helmets, without forgetting Georges Richardson, president of Sandy Ground on the Move Insertion and Jeremy Watt of Madwoz Family Association for their daily work with the youth of Sandy Ground. _AF

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