HIV: nearly 500 patients treated in Saint Martin


On the occasion of the World AIDS Day organized last Friday, the Public Health agency France published a "special point" on the virus in the Antilles.

In Saint-Martin, 494 people infected with HIV, 55,5% of whom are women, are treated at the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital. The median age of the patients is 53 years. 22,3% of them were born in France. 85,8% of transmissions took place within the framework of a heterosexual relation and 8,1% within the framework of a sexual relation between men (MSM).

In 2016, 16 new HIV-infected patients started treatment at the hospital in Saint-Martin, including 42,8% women and 31,2% born in France. Half of the patients contracted the virus during a heterosexual relationship and 18,6% during an MSM relationship.

The diagnosis was early for 12,5% ​​of them, late for 61,5% and 38,5% late at an advanced stage.

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