Practical Life: When to send New Year's greetings?


It is customary that the wishes can be sent until January 31, however it is preferable to make it between January 1 and January 10, a longer period can be taken either as a lack of interest towards its recipient or as the consequence of too much procrastination, which is certainly not a resolution to adopt when we start a whole new year!

In the digital era in which we live, as soon as midnight strikes, we receive many messages from our contacts; messages sent in groups either by sms or via social media messaging. Even if this practice has become commonplace, writing your wishes on real paper cards and composing a personalized message to each of our correspondents can be a very significant or even original attention!

Receive in our mailbox, a handwritten card wishing us a wonderful year will be a pleasant surprise and will change endless and impersonal texting and other group messages!

So, our pens!


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