LOCAL LIFE: Restriction of water use until further notice


Following the significant difficulties of production and distribution of water on the territory in a dry period, a decree of the Collectivity was issued this Tuesday, March 21 prohibiting the use of water in specific circumstances.

As of Tuesday, March 21, 2023, the use of water from the public network is regulated throughout the territory of Saint-Martin in accordance with the measures described in the second article of the decree in question: it is now prohibited to watering lawns, flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetable gardens, draining and filling swimming pools, washing vehicles with the exception of those with a regulatory obligation (sanitary or food vehicles) or technical and those for organizations linked to Security. These measures of temporary limitation or suspension of the use of water are temporary, until stabilization of the daily production of drinking water which does not lately make it possible to satisfy all the uses. The climatic hazards of the last few days have also caused a major disruption in production. Violations of the provisions detailed above noted by the departments responsible for the execution of this decree will be sanctioned in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. President Mussington's decree was co-signed by Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, and transmitted to the commander of the national gendarmerie, Lieutenant-Colonel Maxime Wintzer-Wehekind. _VX


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  1. max357 March 23, 2023 at 09:27 pm Reply

    The COM is responsible for the shortage! The president instead of doing social work, he should take care of the desalination plant and the water network!

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