Local life: Opening of a school bus line between Baie Nettlé and Concordia


To respond to the many requests relating to the establishment of a school transport line between Sandy-Ground and Concordia establishments, the Collectivité de Saint-Martin is informing parents of students of the opening of a new line at From Tuesday, November 3, return of the All Saints holidays.

A line will operate a school bus on an axis going from Nettlé Bay to the College Mont des Accords and the Professional High School of Marigot.

Stop n ° 1: Nettle Bay, stop n ° 2 : Sandy Ground before the bridge, stop n ° 3 : Sandy Ground at the Alberic Richards stadium.

Registration for school transport is already open at the School Affairs office, rue de la Liberté (seaside annex) in Marigot. Parents are invited to arrive from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 15:00 p.m.

Documents required :

• Child's identity document

• Identity document of a parent

• Proof of address

• School insurance certificate

• A passport photo of the child

• 140 euros / year

For any further information, please contact the School Affairs Office at 0590.29.59.23.

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