LOCAL LIFE: Opening of a postal agency since Thursday, December 29 in Quartier d'Orléans


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin, the State and their partners, the Post Office and the Gendarmerie, have decided to deploy new public services in Quartier d'Orléans. La Poste is the first partner to open its doors on Thursday, December 29, 2022 and to offer its services to residents of the Quartier d'Orléans, Oyster-Pond and Orient Bay sectors.

La Poste has opened  its doors in Quartier d'Orléans, since yesterday Thursday, December 29, on the ground floor of the Les Hirondelles residence (apartment 602), in order to allow residents to access postal products and services.

The Collectivity financed part of the work to bring the premises into conformity, ie €39 (+ €000 paid for by Semsamar, lessor of the building, for a total of €24).

The Collectivity bears the rent of the premises for an amount of €5/year and provides 558 territorial agents whom it remunerates.

Before Hurricane Irma hit in September 2017, a territorial postal agency was already present in Quartier d'Orléans. This partnership therefore aims to give the inhabitants of this outlying area access to this local service. From now on, La Poste is present in Marigot, Grand Case and Quartier d'Orléans.

Eventually (from January 2023), the Les Hirondelles residence will house three public services: La Poste, a branch of the gendarmerie and the Maison France Services. The latter was previously installed in a temporary prefabricated room, near the Thelbert Carti stadium.

These 3 new services will be officially inaugurated in January 2023.

President Louis Mussington and his team welcome the arrival of these new public services in Quartier d'Orléans: “We are carefully monitoring the deployment of local services in the neighborhoods because it is a commitment that we have made. We know that these services are valuable to our fellow citizens. This fruitful partnership between the Collectivity, the State, La Poste, the Gendarmerie and Maisons France Services, is completely adapted to the needs of our territory and its inhabitants”.

The objective for the Collectivity is to create local services allowing the population to carry out their procedures on site without having to systematically travel to downtown Marigot.

The opening hours of the Relais Poste in Quartier d'Orléans are as follows: Monday 7:30 a.m. to 13:15 p.m., Tuesday 9:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m., Wednesday 7:30 a.m. to 13:15 p.m., Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m., Friday 7:30 a.m. to 13:15 p.m.

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