LOCAL LIFE: Awareness morning on the protection of the ocean this Sunday at Galion


As previously announced, nine lifeguards are organizing their day of aquatic activities as part of their training for the Professional Certificate for Youth, Popular Education and Sport, Aquatic Activities and Swimming. It's Abiola Dessout's turn to present her project.

The realization of each project, which includes the mastery of computer tools with the production of a promotional medium, makes it possible to validate two of the four capitalizable units of the Professional Certificate for Youth, Popular Education and Sport, Aquatic Activities and Swimming (lifeguard training offered by the Resource Center for Expertise and Sports Performance -CREPS- of Guadeloupe in partnership with the Community and the enormous logistical support of the Tous à l'Ô association) . Both modules require supervising all audiences during the implementation of an animation designed by each candidate. This Sunday, March 10 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Abiola invites children aged 6 to 10 to take part in a morning to raise awareness about environmental protection, an event she has called “Save Your Ocean! ". Just cause, topical and essential on an island territory like that of Saint-Martin, the protection of the oceans, biodiversity, underwater fauna and flora is at the heart of the priorities of the future lifeguard. Abiola will focus its morning of entertainment on the effects of waste in the sea, raising awareness among the younger generation about eco-responsible actions, selective sorting and recycling. The heavy impacts of pollution on the oceans are unfortunately no longer to be proven, the education of young people will make it possible to change the ways of consuming. Barack Obama, former President of the United States and great defender of the environmental cause said: “We only have one planet, there is no plan B”. Through awareness workshops and fun and educational games, Abiola will welcome around ten children to share its values, so that they in turn share them with their friends, their parents and the rest of their entourage, all ages. confused. Places are limited, so it is best to book (see info). The meeting point for the "Sauve Ton Océan" event, this Sunday March 12 at 9 a.m., will therefore be at Galion beach (initially planned in Grand-Case, the place had to be changed at the last minute for meteorological reasons). A snack will be offered to young participants during the event, which will be free. The public is cordially invited to join the event to observe, support the organizer who will be evaluated by a tutor and learn more about the theme chosen by Abiola. Good luck to her ! _Vx

Info and registration: 06 90 17 70 20

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