LOCAL LIFE: Road works continue on the territory


By means of a press release, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin informed its citizens of the carrying out of works on the road network: public lighting, cleaning of the rainwater network, street signage, speed bumps. Here are the details.

The road works already started or to come have been described by the communication department of the Collectivity. Since this Monday, March 20, street signage by the company SOGETRA has started and will be held until June 20, 2023 throughout the territory: Oyster-Pond, Belle-Plaine, Quartier d'Orléans, Cul de Sac, Grand Case, La Savane, Rambaud, Cripple Gate, Friar's Bay, Morne Valois, Agrément, Marigot, Sandy Ground, Nettle Bay, Terres-Basses. Also of note is the installation of speed bumps at Concordia by teams from the Collectivity's technical services. The civil engineering works concerning the renovation of public lighting, rue Mullet Fish in Quartier d'Orléans, should be completed at the end of April 2023. The lighting fixtures will be installed during the month of May 2023. Still for this month, the cleaning of the rainwater network in Marigot (Doigt de gant sector), namely emptying, pumping and cleaning with the help of two sewer cleaning trucks by the company Domotique Antilles SARL, is scheduled for March 27 to 29. On the road network strictly speaking, the Collectivity asks the companies EDF, SAUR, Tintamarre and telephone operators, which are currently carrying out work on roads recently renovated by the collectivity, to resurface the roadway once the work is finished, "the road must be restored to its initial state”. Accuracy is key, as this is not always the case. _Vx

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