LOCAL LIFE: Tuesdays in Grand-Case, the gold of Saint-Martin


After two weeks without the excitement of Mardis de Grand-Case, the island's flagship event offered a feathery and colorful edition on March 7th.

With the theme "the Gold Parade", this week's Mardis de Grand-case made its second big comeback after a voluntary absence on February 14 in order to leave Grand-Case restaurateurs with control over Valentine's Day and a canceled edition. by the officials due to a lack of personnel able to ensure the safety of the Saint-Martin population during the event.

This Tuesday, March 7, many visitors came to discover the exhibitors installed along the boulevard de Grand-Case and the typical creations of Saint-Martin, whether in ready-to-wear, jewelry, decorative objects or more artistic works. Sponsored by Samarpaint, this new edition offering many stalls of local food and original drinks to satisfy the taste buds of the public reached its peak with the Golden Parade. Three sublime dancers, adorned with yellow feathers and stones encrusted in their flamboyant costumes, who paced the boulevard to the rhythm of musicians and percussionists whose energy will remain etched in the memories of the spectators. Classy, ​​refined, the evening of entertainment took place in a typical Grand-Case Tuesday atmosphere: friendly, family-friendly, festive and above all, unforgettable.

The live bands and DJs present largely contributed to making this edition an incomparable experience. The Calypso Event association, organizer of the Tuesdays of Grand-Case behind which hide Chantal Vernusse, Corinne Deloche and Fabienne Merel, can be proud to succeed in the bet of transforming Grand-Case into a place of family celebration every Tuesday. _Vx

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