LOCAL LIFE: The first eloquence competition of Saint-Martin will be held on March 8, 2024


On March 8, as part of International Women's Rights Day, the first demonstration of eloquence was held organized by Femmes Chefs d'Entreprise Saint-Martin / Saint-Barth (FCE), the 1st network of female entrepreneurship. At the end of this evening rich in discussions, the announcement of an eloquence contest on March 8, 2024 thrilled the crowd present.

Mélanie Dal Gobbo, wonderful mistress of ceremonies at the head of FCE Saint-Martin Saint-Barthélemy, has surrounded herself with strong partners in the field of eloquence such as the Interprofessional Consular Chamber of Saint-Martin (CCISM), Initiative Saint- Martin Active (ISMA), Pôle Emploi and Saint-Martin Evolution Toastmasters Club. More than 80 people were present to participate in this magnificent evening where the public voted in real time via the Vox Vote application on the performances of the various speakers, whether on the understanding of the message delivered, the performance of the voice, the eye contact or the content of the intervention. A few examples: Julien Bataille, director of the CCISM, spoke to the assembly, explaining the strong points of a speech, Bahia Yacine, communications officer at the CCISM, was responsible for proving how point body language had its influence during a presentation, Danielle Gane and Sandrine Richard, respectively director and executive assistant of ISMA, lent themselves to a role play featuring an interview between a project leader and a banker in two opposing versions, Nathalie Rubini, director of the Pôle Emploi agency in Saint-Martin, underlined the important points to focus on for a short but powerful speech, Samantha, trainee at the CCISM and mistress of the time during this event "Elevate" bringing together as many women as men, offered a short quiz of appropriate outfits and accessories for an intervention in a professional setting, leaving the public amused, Anne Karine Fleming de Saint-M artin Evolution Toastmasters Club who detailed all the good components of a good speech while Luciana Raspail, CCISM Business Support Manager, demonstrated the importance of controlling your voice well during an impressive performance. And finally, Mélanie Dal Gobbo, whose natural eloquence is no longer to be proven, shared many keys, such as the "Call To Action", to boost her leadership through a clear message whose interlocutor appropriate the meaning. In this dynamic of bringing back to the territory the art of expressing oneself and transmitting to the population the power of words, the evening ended with the announcement of the first eloquence competition to be held on March 8, 2024. at the CCISM, a business center which is increasingly becoming a place of expression where projects are thought out, developed and materialized. This future eloquence contest, open to all, is a perfect springboard for the realization of your projects. _Vx

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