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Louis Mussington, president of the Collectivity, received this Monday morning the president of Info Jeunes France, Emmanuel Mourlet, and his general delegate, Olivier-Ronan Rivat, within the framework of the Point Info Jeunes set up by the Collectivity of Saint-Martin .

In the presence of the two representatives of Info Jeunes France, Louis Mussington, Dominique Démocrite Louisy, third vice-president in charge of the Human Development Delegation, Raphael Sanchez, president of the Local Mission and direct actors of the youth service, Joy Carty , in charge of the project to create and develop a Territorial Youth Information Center (CTIJ) in Saint-Martin, expressed his pride and joy in seeing the realization of this initiative which aims to set up concrete actions in response to the needs of Saint-Martin youth. If the name CRIJ (Regional Center for Youth Information) is more familiar, the organization of such a device had to adapt to the specificity of the territory, hence the change of name for CTIJ - Territorial Center of Youth Information. The National Union of Youth Information (UNIJ) is an association law 1901 created in 2008 and supported by the State via the Ministry of Youth and Associative Life within the framework of a mission of general interest, the The youth information network therefore came together that year in a national union with the common objective of representing youth information structures to the authorities in charge of public policy for youth at national, European and international levels. In 2020, the UNIJ adopts the new identity of the network and becomes Info Jeunes France. Its new objective is in line with the previous one: to develop and highlight Youth Information as a mission of public interest by initiating, coordinating, pooling and promoting actions while jointly defining the most better suited to meet the needs of young people. The Info Jeunes France network is a local network of more than 1300 reception structures for young people with documentary spaces, meeting spaces for youth associations and coworking, provision of computers, support for rights and administrative procedures, information on jobs and training, mobility assistance, etc. More than 3 million young people are part of this network which now encompasses the territory of Saint-Martin. Louis Mussington and Emmanuel Mourlet, president of Info Jeunes France, have signed a partnership agreement which offers the new Territorial Youth Information Council (CTIJ) of Saint-Martin the Info Jeunes label for the next 6 years. Four offices run by professionals should soon open in Quartier d'Orléans and Marigot for the first phase, in Sandy Ground and in the Savane / Grand-Case sector for the second. The premises of these last two districts have not yet been established. A meeting with the actors of the Youth of the territory took place in the wake of the signed agreement, more details in our edition of tomorrow. _Vx

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