LOCAL LIFE: The Saint-Martin slaughterhouse available to cattle breeders


Having obtained the health approval essential for its reopening, the Saint-Martin slaughterhouse has been in operation again since October 18, 2022. In order to fully relaunch this part of the agricultural sector, the structure is available to cattle breeders. and goats.

This Wednesday, November 23, Valérie Fonrose, president of the public establishment for the management and operation of the Saint-Martin slaughterhouse (EGEA), invited the press to the site of the slaughterhouse which adjoins the Central Kitchen in Grand- Box for a visit and a presentation of the stages of slaughter by Elie Touzé, director of the slaughterhouse, and Michel Vély, head of veterinary services. Also present, Alain Gros-Désormeaux, territorial councilor member of the office, Frantz Gumbs, deputy for Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, and Whit Javon, butcher employed there. With a current frequency of one cattle slaughtered per week, the managers of the slaughterhouse are calling on breeders and resellers of cattle and goats to use the operational structure that meets current health and safety standards. They also want to diversify the services offered with, among other things, the installation of a meat cutting and maturing workshop. The guided tour followed the circuit taken by an animal brought to the slaughterhouse. Past the entrance to the cattle ranch, the cattle are examined by veterinary inspector Wilfried Clark who checks their state of health before authorizing slaughter.

The animal then enters the structure through a special door to be stunned by electronarcosis, a process which triggers the immediate loss of consciousness, and bled directly to ensure the sanitary quality of the meat. Once the animal has been skinned and the carcass prepared and weighed, traceability and hygiene are continuously ensured throughout the production chain, with a second veterinary inspection and placement in a cold room. EGEA, the COM and the State are working together to ensure the sustainability of the livestock sector in Saint-Martin and hope to work together with breeders in this regard. As a reminder, illegal felling is punishable by 6 months' imprisonment and a fine of €7.000. _Vx

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