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As announced in our edition of this Tuesday, Emmanuel Mourlet, president of Info Jeunes France and its general delegate, Olivier-Ronan Rivat, signed a labeling agreement last Monday with Louis Mussington, president of the Collectivité, so that young Saints -Martinois can benefit from the wide network of the association.

In the wake of this formalization meeting, a presentation and discussion meeting was organized at the CCISM in the presence of Joy Carty, in charge of the project at the Collectivity, the two representatives of Info Jeunes France, Dominique Démocrite Louisy, 3rd vice-president of the Collectivity and of all the partner actors of the youth sector of Saint-Martin such as CAF, the Local Mission, the CGSS, the Solidarité Familles delegation, associations working for youth or even assistants social. The session was introduced by the president of Info Jeunes France who assured that the creation of a Territorial Youth Information Center (CTIJ) is not intended to replace others, it completes the offer in order to transform, for young people, information into knowledge in a dynamic partnership between all the actors. Joy Carty took over to concretely present the project, which has been in the making since September 2021. In direct collaboration with the youth and sport department of the Collectivity on which the CTIJ of Saint-Martin will depend, the Info Jeunes service was created in March 2022 by deliberation of the Executive Council and labeled by prefectural decree in November 2022. A territorial diagnosis of youth information was established with the help of three types of tools: online questionnaire distributed to 400 young people (via associations, job applications holidays), 4 discussion groups with a total of 50 young people and interviews with around twenty actors in the area in order to understand their missions and their vision of young people. The three themes which are the most relevant in the eyes of young people are: orientation and studies, trades and training, employment and internships. The main objectives of the Info Jeunes service (CTIJ) are the creation of a resource center for information concerning young people, the establishment of a calendar of workshops and a training catalogue, the development of partnerships for European and international mobility, the organization of places to gather and share thanks to an entertainment program in the Info Jeunes offices, which will be four in number and operational in the next six months in Quartier d'Orléans, Marigot, Sandy Ground and Savane/Grand Case. Young Saint-Martin residents will therefore benefit from an individualized welcome accessible to all, without prior appointment, in order to support them with any request or problem by trained youth informants. During the exchange between the officials and the actors, a real desire to collaborate was expressed, as well as ideas to complete the system, such as the creation of an information and orientation center (CIO) and the need for a wide and sustained communication between the actors and at the territorial level. _Vx

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