Local life: Internships with Cloud COM 97 to entertain your children


For the All Saints' Day holidays, Cloud COM 97 offers workshops to entertain your children with an artistic expression workshop at Studio Arts  and a practical workshop to understand the basics of electricity.

STUDIO ARTS: A moment of art in peace and serenity.

Children particularly appreciate these 2 hours of relaxation where they get to recharge their batteries with a qualified teacher in applied arts.

During these “studio arts” sessions, children are immersed in relaxation music, images, photography and painting.

An artistic universe to rock them during these 2 hours of workshop.

What is electricity ?

This fun workshop for children aims to:

- understand the basic principles of electricity.

- reproduce everything in miniature

- consolidate a pedagogy around the dangers of electricity

- quality support with a qualified electrician.

- safety measures are observed (all components are miniatures)

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