Expensive life: the means of fight implemented locally by the State


Prefect Vincent Berton held a press conference on Wednesday to address inflation and the rising cost of living, which St-Martin cannot escape.

“There is the will of the government to provide concrete answers to the question of purchasing power”, affirmed the representative of the State in Saint-Martin. "Targeted measures have been put in place to defend the purchasing power of households, including the most modest," he recalled. 

On July 8, the prefecture and two brands signed an agreement to fight against the high cost of living by freezing the price of certain products (price-quality shield). A new agreement should be announced at the beginning of October with an extension of the products concerned.

Discussions are also underway with airlines and fuel importers to lower prices. Aid for fishermen can be requested, i.e. a discount of 20 centimes per litre. Three fishermen settled in the French part requested it.

The main shipping company has already lowered the price of the 750-foot container by 40 euros. 

In addition, CAF granted exceptional solidarity aid in the amount of 100 euros per family and 50 euros per child. 

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