ASSOCIATIVE LIFE: Webinar between the Fondation de France and the associations of Saint-Martin


This Thursday, September 22, the Collectivity organized, in partnership with the Fondation de France, an online conference intended to present to associations in the field, all the aid and support programs existing on the territory of Saint-Martin.

Saint-Martin associations benefit from several mechanisms intended to support them financially in carrying out their annual projects. Driven by Salammbô Guibert-Soutade at the head of the Local Community Development Department, the webinar (contraction of web words and seminar) was moderated by Élodie Paillé, Head of Programs and Sheltered Foundations International Solidarity and Emergencies at the Fondation de France in a desire on the part of the COM to give knowledge of these systems and to inform them about current and future calls for projects. Saint-Martin associations were present, and in number, 45 of them were connected, proving once again the great associative dynamic that reigns in Saint-Martin. The Fondation de France, recognized as being of public utility and the first independent philanthropy network in France since 1953, operates on private donations to finance general projects, covering all causes and offering programs that respond to societal challenges. After a brief general presentation of the programs of the Fondation de France, Élodie Paillé officially launched the webinar by introducing the various themes that would be addressed by her colleagues from the FDF: “young people’s health” by Johanna Brun, “Accompanying children, their families and young people in difficulty” with Chaïnaise Mezouar, “Sport Femmes Santé” by Tristan Thomas and Déclics Jeunes with Anna Ghiraldini. The presentation by Patrice Cieutat on the theme “Let's cooperate to live in our territories” could not take place due to a technical problem. The procedures for accessing public facilities were then explained to the listeners by Laurianne Léger. On the health of young people, Johanna Brun emphasized the work of raising awareness on mental health. The calls for projects published by this service target health structures or any other association welcoming young people in difficulty on the imperative condition that it be in partnership with care structures, to develop gateways to care or support systems in cares. The FDF is aware of the shortage of psychologists in the territory of Saint-Martin as well as the difficulty of accessing young people and works, with health associations, to improve care (even remotely) in a logic of prevention. and health promotion. By the end of October 2022, new guidelines will be communicated on the FDF website for the associations concerned. Chaïnaise Mezouar justifies the existence of the family childhood program of the FDF as a better consideration of the child in society with a valuation of the place of the parents: "We are not born parents, we become them". Five overseas projects were selected last year from more than 250 applications, including a mobile crèche for a smoother integration of toddlers by multiplying meeting points and reaching out to families with real support for parenthood. _Vx

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