COMMUNITY LIFE: The "Sandy Days" leisure center made people happy!


Since 2021, the association ACM (Accueil Collectif de Mineurs) FIVE B has set up the “Sandy Days” leisure center for children and young people aged 6 to 17 at Sandy Ground.

In December 2022, its "B ACTIV" project began, allowing the association to develop a program specially designed for adolescents and young people aged 13 to 17. This program aims to offer sports, digital and cultural activities, such as a series of sports training (self-defense, dance and water sports), as well as digital (3D, game competitions) and cultural ( exploration of neighboring islands). In addition, assistance and information are provided regarding professional orientations related to the activities carried out. The Assembly of various support projects such as the Policy of the City, Educational City but also the Caf and the Collectivity of Saint Martin allowed the ACM to make benefit from this program to the first group, composed of 18 young people (12 boys and 6 daughters). The latter was chosen and adapted in agreement with the group itself, while taking into account possible partnership opportunities.

This initiative was a resounding success! Although the program ends on May 31, young people say they are already ready to renew their registration for the year 2023-2024. FIVE B is proud to note the enthusiasm and commitment of the young people of Sandy Ground, who took full advantage of the varied activities offered by the “B ACTIV” project.

The association warmly thanks all the partners who have made this experience possible and looks forward to continuing to support children and young people in their personal development and professional aspirations.

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