ASSOCIATIVE LIFE: Art invites itself to seniors


The association - Espace Générationnel La Couronne organized this Tuesday its last workshop to discover art for the elderly.

Workshop entitled "the museum comes to you" and initiated by ARTZ Cultural Action Alzheimer, it is part of the dynamics of art accessible to all. The activity was aimed at seniors wishing to discover or rediscover famous artistic works through online tours of the most prestigious collections and major museums.

No need to be diligent in art history, the participants let themselves be carried away by the history of each artistic piece, the goal being to stimulate each and everyone on the cognitive level and facilitate energetic and qualitative exchanges with their interlocutor. .

The guided tour was led from a distance by a lecturer from Paris, the latter sharing his knowledge and his anecdotes. Five beneficiaries and five volunteers were present. During a previous workshop whose theme was identical, it was the young companion builders who came to join the elders to explain their career and their experience. Another great intergenerational meeting and a great way to bring art even from afar._VX


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