Breakdown of grants to cultural associations for the 2022 financial year


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin considers cultural development and heritage mediation as a factor of individual fulfillment and social integration.

It recognizes the decisive role played by cultural associations in all components of the social space in Saint-Martin. As such, it considers these cultural associations as real essential partners of the local public authorities.

The action of cultural associations makes it possible to complete, or even give concrete expression to, cultural policies. Today, very often, cultural events, the development of local heritage, or sometimes the management of certain spaces, are organized by cultural associations.

Cultural action, now seen as an instrument of social cohesion and development, has become a cross-cutting field of local policies. The Collectivity of Saint-Martin provides financial support to many associations to help them sustain and develop their cultural activities, carry out projects, set up new actions or events. 

It does so on the basis of the grant application files received, taking into account in particular factors such as the level of activity of the associations, their number of members, the access of the widest audiences to the proposed actions. 

On September 1, the Executive Council decided to validate the distribution of subsidies to cultural associations, presented by the Human Development Delegation for an amount of €308.250.

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