A new campaign around World AIDS Day organized by the Association "AIDES" Saint-Martin


In 2021, the theme of the day is “Ending inequalities. End AIDS. End pandemics ”. This year, on World AIDS Day, UNAIDS is focusing on urgently ending the inequalities that fuel the AIDS epidemic and other pandemics around the world.

blankOn the occasion of December 1, 2021,  the AIDES network is mobilized to offer visibility, advocacy, awareness-raising and screening actions throughout the Antilles and in hexagonal France.

Created in 1984, AIDES is the first association in the fight against AIDS and hepatitis in France and in Europe. AIDES has been in Saint-Martin since January 1, 2008. A team of around twenty activists carry out prevention actions for the public and support people living with HIV and / or hepatitis. 

It is recognized as being of public utility and labeled "donation in confidence" by the Charter Committee and its objective is to transform society with a view to the end of epidemics, by mobilizing people affected by HIV and / or viral hepatitis. , and taking action to support people living with HIV and preventing transmission of the virus. 


Public health linked to JMS in the West Indies

The AIDES Territoire d'Action Antilles association points to a real public health issue because the celebration of World AIDS Day comes in a context of a difficult global health crisis with the Covid-19 epidemic. This situation makes it difficult to access healthcare and rights for people living with HIV or hepatitis and for the most vulnerable. The primary objective is therefore to put  place  risk reduction actions  for  to avoid  au  better transmission of  HIV and hepatitis: proposal for rapid HIV and hepatitis C screening in TRODIBUS and at AIDES premises, distribution of self-tests, internal and external condoms, health workshops, information on modes of transmission and prevention, information on preventive HIV treatment: PREP, communication on social networks and the defense of human rights. 

AIDES Saint-Martin works throughout the island with seropositive people and populations most vulnerable to HIV and hepatitis: from a  point  de  epidemiological view, Saint-Martin  compte  about  500 people living with HIV and roughly the same number of people  here   ignore  their  serology, on the whole island. With the health crisis there is an increase in the  precariousness for these people, an increase in inequalities in terms of care, access to employment, cost of living, calling into question health as a priority.


The event set up for the JMS

Screening actions are planned from November 26 to December 1: it will be possible to carry out an HIV and / or Hepatitis C TROD (rapid diagnostic orientation test) and to ask all your health questions around HIV, to be made aware of Serophobia , stockpile condoms and other harm reduction materials, as well as  benefit from individual interviews.

The planned activities will be published in the local press and on social networks. The highlight of this week is the inauguration of the  new  local  le  November 29 in  présence  of   institutional partners and associations as well as  President of AIDES  Territory  West Indies  Jason Theophile. 


To  sensitize the  public and  in cooperation  with  proven  partners, the AIDES association gives you an appointment:  

- Friday, November 26 at the AIDES room from 9 a.m. to 13 p.m. offers rapid screening for STIs and HIV with the CEGIDD of the AIDES SXM Hospital

- Monday, November 29 at 17 p.m.: Inauguration of the AIDES office in Concordia

- Tuesday November 30 from 9 a.m. to 13 p.m.: offer of rapid screening for HIV and hepatitis C with Approval in the TRODIBUS in connection with the EMIS of the Red Cross

- Wednesday December 1st from 17 p.m. to 22 p.m.: dissemination of prevention spots on a giant screen in the Bellevue sector with a rapid screening offer in the TRODIBUS

- The local association is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. as well as by appointment at 05 90 58 65 23/06 96 30 40 62

You are  can  consult  the program  on the page  Facebook  AIDES SAINT-MARTIN throughout the week, as well as the dissemination of prevention spots, including the national campaign on serophobia.

For all information, please contact the association Aides Territoire d'Actions Antilles 

- Saint-Martin : 0690 68 91 50 or 0590 58 65 23 - Fort de France: 0696 30 50 58 or 0596 60 96 59 - Lowland : 0696 43 15 41 or 0590 60 49 50



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