A car carcass in the middle of the work


Since the beginning of June, work has been underway on the streets of Captain Froston (around the Catholic church) and Perrinon. They consist of the rehabilitation of sewerage and wastewater networks and the burial of cables.

At the end of May, the company in charge of a first site moved a wreck from rue Perrinon, which embarrassed it. Going up to rue Fichot, the workers of another site were hindered by another wreck. To dig their trench, they turned the vehicle which is therefore now in the middle of the machines. And on two parking spaces.

Hoping that the trench filled in, they put the wreckage back the other way. Unless the services of the sustainable development center, which are located around fifty meters away, have it removed quickly.

It is also necessary to know two other carcasses are in the surroundings (under the trees at the bottom on the photo); one for several months, the second for several weeks. The latter being boned a little more each week. (Source: www.soualigapost.com)

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