A 16-year-old victim of a jet ski accident


In the middle of Tuesday afternoon last week, a young man aged sixteen was involved in a jet ski accident on the beach at Orient Bay. He was on the craft with his father when he mishandled a wave and fell into the water. 

In the fall, his head hit the boot of the jet ski. The nearby monitor quickly intervened. The young man, unconscious, was brought back to the beach where two nurses and a doctor happened to be. The latter immediately revived the victim. She was then transported to the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center before being evacuated to Guadeloupe for further examinations.

The youngster and his parents were on vacation aboard a liner and spent the day at Baie O.

A gendarmerie investigation was opened to determine the causes and the circumstances of the accident. It confirms that the jet ski was not defective and that water sport complies with safety rules and that its personnel have the training necessary for the exercise of the activity. (source: www.soualigapost.com)

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