A robbery and an assault Thursday, August 4 


Thursday August 4, around 15 p.m., the gendarmes were mobilized after four individuals robbed a pharmacy located around Marigot. 

A thug remained in the entrance of the pharmacy while another emptied the cash register. The third criminal went upstairs thinking to find a safe there, he held the employees at gunpoint. The attackers, dressed in hooded overalls and wearing a mask, stole cash and the employees' personal belongings before fleeing. If no injuries are to be deplored, the attack perpetrated was brief and violent, traumatic for the people present in the pharmacy. 

A little later, around 20 p.m., "a lady was robbed", indicate the gendarmes. The assault took place at the Sandy Ground tennis courts. The individual took several of his belongings before fleeing. 

Investigations are underway for these two facts, specifies the gendarmerie. _pc

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