COURT: He climbs on the roof of the fire station after refusing to comply!


Panicked, a scooter rider found nothing better than to climb onto the roof of the fire station in La Savane after refusing to submit to a gendarmerie check. He answered for his actions yesterday before the Saint-Martin local court.

On December 14, 2022, the driver of a TMAX type scooter was arrested by the gendarmerie for refusing to comply and failing to have a motorcycle license as a repeat offender. Called to the stand yesterday morning to explain the facts with which he is accused, the young 24-year-old from Saint-Martin told the court that he was panicked when he saw a gendarmerie patrol in front of him. Not being in compliance and, moreover, a repeat offender, the driver of the large engine first abandoned his machine on the side of the road before climbing the roof of the fire station in La Savane to escape arrest. . Law enforcement finally managed to convince the one-day stuntman to surrender while being careful not to get hurt. He was immediately placed in police custody.

Already convicted of similar offenses and possession of a weapon, the public prosecutor requested 120 hours of community service, a fine of 500 euros and confiscation of the vehicle.

After deliberating, the court found JP guilty of the facts with which he is accused and followed the requisitions of the prosecutor, Yann Burnichon. Clearly, JP will have to carry out 120 hours of community service within 18 months or risk ending up behind bars for 3 months. _AF 

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