COURT: Two additional clerks next June


During the press briefing on the crime figures for 2022, Xavier Sicot, Public Prosecutor of Basse-Terre, said he was aware of the traffic jam experienced at the Saint-Martin court and the systematic dismissals for lack of personnel.

In June, two additional clerks will join the court's legal team for a functional return to normal by next September. On the basis of the problem of delinquency in Saint-Martin, it is the behaviors that must evolve to succeed in overturning the worrying figures of 2022: "the way of being and acting thinks of a drift that will be difficult to stem " did he declare. People who possess weapons illegally, a real problem in Saint-Martin for the prosecutor, must understand that the sanctions will be firm and punitive, a strong message must be sent in order to restore the sense of security of the Friendly Island. “The most serious facts will be dealt with quickly, in immediate appearance, if not in Saint-Martin, in Basse-Terre, in order to avoid recidivism and to understand the meaning of French law”. Aligning with the feelings of the prefect Vincent Berton, prevention work will be organized in schools in the presence of a prosecutor. These educational approaches aimed at young people will aim to dissuade them from choosing the path of delinquency by highlighting the disastrous consequences that such a decision can have on their lives and those of their loved ones. In 2022, the prison of Basse-Terre had 170 prisoners, including 40 from Saint-Martin. Finally, the fight against crime is everyone's business, disclosing information relating to a crime or allowing it to be avoided is a civic duty, the population remains a major player in maintaining a feeling of security for all. _Vx

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