Restoration work on Orient Bay beach at "Pedro" and "Club Orient"


At the end of 2019, the Coastal Conservatory launched a call for projects for a reversible food court and the rental of beach equipment on the site of Orient Bay beach and more specifically at "Chez Pedro" and " Club Orient ”.

The prerequisite for an installation of the selected candidates lies in the fact that the Conservatory must carry out restoration work on the beach strongly impacted by the passage of Irma in order to offer future operators a clean site and also to facilitate pedestrian traffic. on this public beach crowded with many rocks that separate the beach from the adjoining plot.

Progress of the work:

  • Removal of rocks at “Chez Pedro” and “Papagayo”;
  • Removal of the remains of the building which housed the toilets;
  • Removal of the remains of Club Orient watersport located on the Conservatory plot;
  • Removal of the boat hull positioned in the vegetation;
  • Removal of the remains of rubble,
  • Removal of all waste located in the area.

Work began as soon as the confinement was lifted, Monday, May 11. The commitments and administrative documents were prepared before and during the confinement, thus allowing the local company selected to return to activity as soon as the confinement is ended.

A study on sedimentological movements and currents in the bay will be carried out with the BRGM in order to follow the evolution of this beach, which has undergone very strong erosion in this sector during the last decades after the installation of riprap.

A low fence (in boat rope) will delimit the public domain assigned to the Coastal Conservatory and accessible to all private land located behind. Once the operator has installed the reversible catering area, plantings will be carried out to improve the integration of the structure into the landscape.

All of this work was the subject of discussions with future operators, residents and managers (Club Orient, Collectivity).

At the end of these beach restoration works, the area should regain all its natural splendor.

Total cost of the works (estimate): 100 euros, which should benefit from State support through the Convergence Contract.

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  1. Fred May 20, 2020 at 07:50 pm Reply

    Basically it is the community (RN) which pays for the cleaning of the site occupied by a private one on which it has done a good business.

  2. Bernard Briot May 9, 2021 at 05:43 pm Reply

    He had such a good business, that he disappeared, bankrupt! Think before you write anything.
    On the other hand, it was Storm Irma that devastated the site, not the owners, who lost everything.

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