“Friendly Caribbean Beach Tennis” tournament: A great outpouring of solidarity for the victims of Hurricane “Dorian” in the Bahamas


On the occasion of the 1st official tournament, season 2019-2020, organized last Sunday at the Palm Beach, the big family of Beach Tennis wanted to mobilize to come to the aid of the inhabitants of the Bahamas, hard hit after the devastating passage of cyclone Dorian on last month across the country.


690 €! Such is the beautiful sum collected by the "Friendly Caribbean Beach Tennis" at the end of the 1st approved tournament of the new season which brought together forty players on the beach of Orient Bay. Congratulations to you all for your participation, generosity and also your good humor displayed throughout this day placed under the sign of solidarity.

The members of “Friendly Caribbean Beach Tennis” would also like to thank “MyStrawCompany” for its partnership allowing this tournament to be part of an eco-responsible approach. Protecting the environment is everyone's business! _AF

Ranking of the 4 best teams of the tournament:

Double Ladies:

1. Inès Glaude (HBT) / Virginie Carien (TCSXM)

2. Laurence Delaporte (FCBT) / Sabrina Goubard

3. Ingrid Testa (FCBT) / Juliette Nicolas (TCSXM)

4. Pauline Bordeaux (FCBT) / Delphine Lamort (TCSXM)


Double gentlemen:

1. Tom Lamort (FCBT) / Rodolf Boyeldieu (TCPR)

2. Kevin Vaudelle (OBC) / Laurent Delaval (OBC)

3. Sylvain Nicolas (TCSXM) / Christophe Lerasle (TCSXM)

4. Damien Coppolani (FCBT) / Olivier Benedetti (TCSXM)

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