TOURISM: A survey carried out by the statistics department of the COM to better understand the habits of tourists on vacation in Saint-Martin


On Wednesday April 26, Alain Richardson, vice-president of the Collectivity and Valérie Damaseau, president of the Saint-Martin Tourist Office invited the press to communicate the results of the statistical survey carried out by the statistics department of the Community with hotel customers on the French side between November 15, 2022 and January 15, 2023.

Twenty-five hotel establishments located on the French side (hotels and guest-houses) were asked to take part in this very informative survey, and 1311 customers took the time to answer the ten-minute questionnaire.

The objective of this first in-depth survey was to know the habits of tourists. The results are sometimes surprising. Rather judge!


The main nationalities of respondents are French (41%), Americans (35%) and Canadians (9%).

Next come the Dutch (5%), the Germans (3%), the English (3%), the Swiss and the Belgians (2%).

Contrary to certain certainties, Americans are not the most numerous. This information aims to confirm that these tourists might prefer accommodation in furnished rentals or simply in the Dutch part of the island.


The United States and Canada: 44%, Europe 35%, Caribbean: 20%, South America: 1%.


Air France represents the largest percentage of passenger transport with 33%. However, the accumulation of the 4 main American companies totals 39% of the traffic.

The share of regional companies is not negligible with around 24%.

Breakdown by age groups:

Seniors and people over 45 make up 64% of the sample. From 25 to 35 years old: 13%, from 36 to 45 years old: 21%, from 46 to 55 years old: 26% and over 55 years old: 38%.

Breakdown by socio-professional category:

Executives and business leaders represent 37% of the tourist clientele ahead of employees 33% and retirees 24%. (Self-employed: 3%, students: 2%, without activity: 1%).

Stay in Saint-Martin:

More than 47% of visitors came more than 5 times to the "Friendly Island", 1 time (12%), 2 times (16%), 3 times (12%), 4 times (8%), 5 times ( 5%).

Duration of stay in Saint-Martin:

The period of 7 days comes first with 22%, 7 to 10 days 15%, more than 10 days, 14%, 3 days, 9%, 4 days 9%, 5 days, 8%, 6 days, 7%, …

During your stay, what is your spending budget excluding accommodation and transport?

20% of the tourists questioned declared spending more than 3000 euros during their stay, more than 2000 euros, 15%, from 1500 and 2000 euros, 18%, from 1000 to 1500 euros, 19%, less than 1000 euros, 28%.

To the question, what does Saint-Martin represent for you?

No surprise, relaxation is well ahead with 84%, then gastronomy 47%, hospitality, 41%, escape, 38%, France in the Caribbean, 36%, service, 31%, shopping, 47%, etc.

How often do you go to a restaurant?

During their stay, 49% of tourists go to a restaurant more than 6 times, 26%, 4 to 6 times, 24%, 1 to 3 times, none, 1%.

The individual budget:

From 40 to 70 euros: 52%, less than 40 euros, 24%, from 70 to 100 euros, 16%, more than 100 euros, 8%.

Catering, what are your favorite sites?

Grand-Case, 64%, Orient Bay, 54%, Marigot, 28%, Sint Maarten, 25%, Pinel, 19%, etc.

How did you hear about Saint-Martin? (Before your first stay)

Word of mouth comes first with 70%, social networks, 12%, work, 8%, travel agency offer, 7%, communication campaign, 3%.

In your opinion, what can be improved in the tourist offer of Saint-Martin?

Several sectors have been mentioned by holidaymakers to improve the tourist offer of Saint-Martin. Particularly in terms of transport, parking, signage, road lighting, etc.

The lack of activities for children and a place of culture were mentioned during the survey. The tourists interviewed also pointed to the presence of stray dogs everywhere on the island, the cleanliness of the island which leaves something to be desired and a feeling of insecurity.

Would you recommend Saint-Martin to your friends, family, etc. ?

Yes definitely, 79%, yes probably, 17%, I don't know, 2%, etc.

How did you find the reception?

Excellent: 59%, Good 39%.

The next survey will take place with hoteliers from July 17 to August 25, 2023. _AF

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