Tourism: good attendance despite the Zika


In Saint-Martin, the beaches are crowded and the restaurants are full: unmistakable signs. Tourists have not shunned our territory because of the Zika virus.   

“For this high season, tourist attendance is satisfactory. We have noticed few cancellations in hotels linked to the Zika virus ”, explains Philippe Thévenet, secretary of the association of hoteliers of Saint-Martin (AHSM). Despite the virus, tourists are beautiful and there: our territory therefore seems to be spared from cancellations. For the Federation of Overseas Enterprises (FEDOM), the month of January is however to be forgotten. “The SNAV (National Syndicate of Travel Agencies) and Atout France note in their monthly barometer for January a drop of 22% in bookings for the French Antilles destination, which they naturally explain by the presence of the Zika virus in the area , and by intensive and excessive communication around the subject ”, can be read on the federation website.

17 biologically confirmed cases

According to the latest epidemiological bulletin from the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance (InVS), 17 cases of biologically confirmed Zika have been identified, including a pregnant woman, in Saint-Martin. Concerning clinically suggestive cases, the weekly number of consultations with general practitioners has been relatively stable since week four.

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