TOURISM: Prime Minister's measures perceived as “a cold shower” for hoteliers


The association of hoteliers of Saint-Martin urgently convened a press conference Friday morning following the announcements made the day before by the Prime Minister concerning in particular travel.

If the ban on traveling within a radius of 100 km will be lifted on French territory on June 2, "it is not in overseas" reports Patrice Seguin, the president of the association who spoke Thursday evening with his counterparts from Guadeloupe.

"It is a step back from what was said on May 14," he said. For Patrice Seguin, the fact of not lifting this measure overseas is not an oversight on the part of the government as has been done in the application of other decisions in the past. “It's too technical for it to be an oversight. There is no rational reason to maintain this measure ... It is for a political reason ... Some people in the overseas territories prefer not to reopen their territory, "he comments.

"It is urgent to lift this ban. We cannot wait for June 22, the date on which the Prime Minister will take other decisions, ”say the hoteliers. “Without knowing the date of lifting, we cannot work. We have no visibility element, ”adds their representative. And to think: "our savings are viewed with a great deal of distance."

About transatlantic trips

The hotel association regrets that no details have been given regarding transatlantic travel. "Whether it's a fortnight or a fortnight, we don't want it." Who will come on vacation with us if he is forced to stay locked up for eight days? ”, Wants to admit the association which also denounces the unequal treatment of overseas concerning the tests. "The person from Le Mans who is going to spend their holidays in Montpellier will not need to take a test, on the other hand if they want to come to us they will have to do one." For the association of hoteliers, it is a departure from the principle of territorial continuity. (


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