TOURISM: I am, You are, We are… Friendly St-Martin, the new message from the tourist office


Involving the population, making them aware of the interest and challenges of tourism, the main pillar of the local economy, has been the objective that the management teams who succeed one another at the Saint -Martin.

All admit that it is important for the population to feel concerned, to offer a welcome worthy of a friendly island. Aïda Weinum with President Valérie Damaseau decided to achieve this objective by creating a message that (perhaps) aims to become a commercial slogan:  “I am, You are, We are… Friendly Saint-Martin”.

This initiative is part of the “Tourism Awareness” project developed in the current health context. “This particular context motivated the office to focus part of its actions on the local market by involving the population as much as possible in order to prepare for the future.

Our desire is to introduce the island to its inhabitants and make them aware of their role in the tourism economy, ”explains Valérie Damaseau who has observed, during trade fairs and other international events, that Saint-Martin does not no longer enjoyed this Friendly Island quality. "We have been told, it is indeed feedback that we have had: Saint-Martin is not the same as before, something is missing ...", she reports.

In order to "unite, educate and raise awareness", the office has imagined this slogan or "identity catch phrase" which will appear on clothing. A first partnership was initiated with the SMUTA taxi association; the drivers will wear a polo shirt or t-shirt with both logos printed on it. Partnerships with other socio-professionals are possible.

The 189 college students who visit the sites as part of school activities included in the agreement signed in 2013 between the COM, the tourist office and the National Education will also be asked to wear this t-shirt. Through this action, the office wishes to "make young people aware of the importance and the protection of this economy in their everyday life", confides Valérie Damaseau.

"We also want to educate and inspire them by reminding them of the variety of tourism professions", adds Grégory Dumel, responsible for the local market within the office. “We are therefore going to set up workshops for 15-20 year olds to analyze their current knowledge and those involved in tourism.

These workshops will make it possible to create relevant content to communicate with them via mini series and poster campaigns, ”he explains.

All of these measures must be completed by June. Aïda Weinum and Valérie Damaseau hope for strong support for the project from the local population.


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