Tourism / Construction of a kiosk in Marigot to welcome tourists: let's go!


Construction work on the tourist reception kiosk in front of the Marigot ferry terminal began on Friday, October 8. A project initiated and presented at the end of 2019 with the aim of better orienting visitors who stay or stopover in Saint-Martin.

This project has fallen behind schedule due to administrative difficulties and the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Tourist Office can now launch the construction of this kiosk, which has been planned for 2019, on the Marigot seafront. The site was strategically chosen to be located in front of the ferry terminal, near taxis and buses in order to easily capture the flow of visitors. It is integrated into the land development project for the Marigot seafront. The construction of the reception kiosk in the heart of Marigot was strongly desired by the Tourist Office to promote its visibility and its information mission. With Fort Louis, the food and craft market, the West Indies Mall, marinas, shops and restaurants, Marigot remains an essential tourist spot that must be promoted.


Provide a travel experience quality

The kiosk represents an investment of € 201 carried by the Tourist Office and 739,90% financed by the ERDF. Its delivery is scheduled for the first half of 85, i.e. 2022 months of work to build this new reception point. This will act in addition to the offices of the Tourist Office located rue du Général de Gaulle. The kiosk will be run by two to three agents from the Tourist Office, dedicated to informing visitors and answering all their questions. Maps and brochures will be made available in order to direct the public to the points of interest of our destination, to promote the essential spots and the natural resources of our territory. It will be of practical use for visitors: How to rent a vehicle, where to have lunch, which beach to go to, what activities for children, where to jet-ski, where to go out at night ... These are all questions to which the agents of the Tourist Office will be able to answer, in an adapted and central setting, thanks to this new information desk.

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