TOURISM: How much does a tourist spend?


The average amount spent per day by a tourist tourist is 83,20 US dollars against 119 USD in 2016 according to a study carried out by the government of Sint Maarten among passengers  to Juliana.

Canadians spend the most (US $ 124 per day per person) followed by South Americans (US $ 112). Caribbean people spend around USD 108 per day per person.

Conversely, Europeans are the ones who spend the least (USD 40 per day per person). Americans spent an average of US $ 86 per day per person.

Overall, restaurants represent between 20 and 22% of tourist spending, except for the Caribbean who spend 16% on them. Accommodation accounts for 46% of spending by Americans and Canadians and only 30% and 35% for Caribbean and Europeans. (

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