TIR / International competition: a fine harvest of medals for the Association Saint-Martinoise de Tir


The Association Saint-Martinoise de Tir (ASMT) organized from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 April an international sports shooting competition with the participation of 55 shooters from Martinique, Guadeloupe, France, Guyana, South Africa and Hungary.

During the three days of competition, the shooters competed on 12 courses while on the move with static and moving targets.

Accuracy and speed were needed to acquire the  best score. This was done very well by the ASMT shooters who won a whopping 10 medals.

"We have witnessed some great performances of which the ASMT can be proud in view of the results obtained", underlines a member of the club. “A big thank you to the participants and see you next year! » _AF


The results :

Optical Production Division (red dot sighting):

1 Laurent Renaud (ASMT)

2 Pierre Corrassadjian (ASMT)

3 Antoine Spikerman (ASMT)


CPC Division:

1 Philippe Coquelle (France)

2 Ciryl Smith (Guyana)

3 Yi Zhan (Martinique)

Open division:

1 Yi Zhan (Martinique)

2 Francois Figa (Guadeloupe)

3 Jerome Ricard (Guadeloupe)

Standard division:

1Thierry Caneppele (ASMT)

2 Bennet Bret (South Africa)

3 Stephanie Caneppele (ASMT)

Manufacturing department:

1 Alban Defabrique (Martinique)

2 Raphael Jacques (ASMT)

3 Alexandre Pollet (Guadeloupe)

Senior division standard:

1Thierry Caneppele (ASMT)

2 Jean-Philippe Messerig (France)

3 Florent Letuvet (ASMT)


Standard lady category:

1 Stephanie Caneppele (ASMT)

2 Sofia Hortis (Hungary)

3 Maeva Caneppele (ASMT)

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