Archery: New weekend of competition for the archers of Saint-Martin: women in the spotlight!


On November 11, 12 and 13, a great weekend of competition took place in the stronghold of the archers of Saint-Martin in Galisbay with the 12 and 12 qualifying shots counting for the national ranking.

Duel shootings were also organized on Sunday, in order to have fun and above all to familiarize new archers with this practice which is used in regional, national and international championships.

The duels started from the round of XNUMX, the distribution of the competitors having been made according to the results of the selective shots.

Melissa Bardfield and Marie Akulonis at the top!

A little reminder for the course of a duel in set for the archers engaged in recurve bow: each pair of duelists shoots up to 5 ends of 3 arrows, at the rate of 120 seconds per end. For each end of 3 arrows, the competitor with the highest number of points wins 2 points, if tied 1 point per archer. The duel is won when one of the competitors obtains 6 points. If tied after 5 ends, a shoot-off arrow is shot by each archer, the arrow closest to the center wins the duel. For the record, Marie Akulonis dominated the boys by winning brilliantly. And a victory for women!

For archers registered in compound archery, it is the sum of the 5 ends which is counted, the highest score wins the duels.

Speaking of compound archery, mention very well to Mélissa Bardfield who made everyone agree (especially the male sex) by climbing on the first step of the podium. And two victories for women! Who says better ? AF

The results :

recurve bow

1ère  Marie Akulonis (senior 3)

2nd: Eric Desvaux (senior 3)

3rd: Angelique Desrouffet (senior 2)

4th: Mickael Duzant (U15)

compound bow

1st: Melissa Bardfield

2nd: Yohan Antoine

3rd: Jean-Pierre Jolivet

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