THEATER: Only two performances left for the play "Souviens-toi"


A little reminder for those who missed the first two performances of the new show from the company Les Têtes de l'Art, there are only two dates left!

Strong and moving piece against a background of a serious theme, "Souviens-toi" is adapted from an American novel which tells the story of a woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Placed in a retirement home with her husband, Alice is a character as touching as that of Nathan, her beloved. So that she ndo not forget their love, the latter will read their story to him day after day. A nurse who greets and encourages this initiative and a doctor who is very reluctant to believe in any changes in his patient's condition move around the couple. This play written and directed by Laurence Blanc takes all its power in the interpretation of these complex roles. The arduous task is brilliantly taken up by Michel Cottin, Anna-Maria Scrimieri, Isabelle Cazorla and David Pennacchietti, confirmed actors of the Têtes de l'Art troupe.

Friday May 07 at 20 p.m. and Saturday May 08 at 20 p.m. at the Théâtre La Chapelle (behind the village square in Orient Bay). Price: 20 €

  Info: 06 90 54 20 50 - Tickets on sale at or at the Peninsula (route de la Baie Orientale) Facebook: Théâtre Les Têtes de l'Art

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