THEATER: “Loc' down! will reconcile you with your neighborhood… or not


It's time for end-of-year shows and it's the adults of Laurence Blanc's theater workshop who are opening the ball this Friday May 13 and Saturday May 14 for two unique performances. Knowing the notoriety of the Troupe des Têtes de l'Art, it promises to be offbeat.

"Loc' down!" » is a sketch comedy that gives pride of place to unusual encounters between the residents of a building, directly inspired by the successful play « Avis de passage » by Jean-Pierre Martinez, French playwright dear to Laurence Blanc, director on stage and conductor of the workshop for adults. As one of the most popular contemporary French playwrights with today's theater companies and audiences, Jean-Pierre Martinez carries popular theater in all the splendor of the term. The characteristics of these works respond perfectly to the theatrical codes that Laurence Blanc herself has integrated into her writings and her adaptations, humor galore, atypical and endearing characters, absurd situations with relevant messages and a signature staging. . Laurence Blanc therefore started with several sketches taken from “Avis de passage” while adding her touch and her pen, reclaiming the work with faithful respect for the original author. "Loc' down!" » is the result of a year of workshops with the adults who will be on the stage of the Théâtre de la Chapelle this Friday: Valérie Bal, Xavier Carène, Latifa Dahou, Agnès Etchegoyen, Océane Ehrmann-Siue, Jean-René Le Trocquer, Léo Michel, David Pennacchietti, David Rivière, Christophe Robert, Anna-Maria Scrimieri and Laurence Siue. Six women, six men, a perfect parity for burlesque interactions. The story is simple but singular, it begins in the courtyard of a building where the various tenants go to pick up their mail, thus discovering letters from a mysterious crow who will sow discord within the group, or better gather them together. … The twelve actors will interpret, for two scenes each, characters with scathing particularities. As Laurence Blanc so aptly puts it, "Loc' à terre will do you as much good as a psychiatric session!" ". This comedy of manners, however, adopts foul language, so it is not recommended to attend with children under 12 years old. And there's no need to be superstitious, there will be nothing but laughter in the Salle de la Chapelle theater on this evening of Friday the 13th. _Vx


Representations: Friday 13 and Saturday 14 May at 19:30 p.m.

Inputs: Single price – 20€

Ticket office open at the theater every evening from 18 p.m. to 19 p.m. (except Saturday and Sunday)

Info: 06 90 55

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