Theater: “Kiss me, it's over”, a satirical comedy not to be missed!


It is a gem of contemporary theater that the author / director / actress, Christel Londeno, offers us on Wednesday, May 3, at 20 p.m., at the MJC in Sandy-Ground.

The play is conceived as a film that takes place live. " Kiss me, it's over ”i is a piece of life played by five actors (Pascal MOESTA, Christel LONDERO, Maïlis SOUBEYRAN, Léopold HENDEGREN and N'dy THOMAS. With its misunderstandings and its unexpected, it is a comedy during which sometimes some people will laugh yellow. The synopsis is simple Louise is dissatisfied with her romantic relationship with Richard. She wants to leave him, but tries to do things right. To announce the news, she organizes a dinner with a few friends. Except that nothing will go as planned, since the guests decide to get involved in the affair.

A crazy scene of life that the actors of the play are eager to share with the Saint-Martin public! AF

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