THEATER: “Bernard, the hermit who did not want a shell”, children's show worthy of the greatest


The stage of the Théâtre de la Chapelle shines with a thousand colors, offering a show for children from 3 years old that is participatory, educational, entertaining and touching. 

Although they are no longer to be proven, the interpretive strength of the actors of the Compagnie Les Apatrides and the artistic subtlety of the director Audrey Duputié continue to surprise. Everything is fair in this show entitled "Bernard, the hermit who did not want a shell". As often, the story seems simple, moreover, but turns out to be of a powerful symbolism: the young Hermit Bernard refuses to wear a shell despite the impatience of his mother Bernardine and runs away from home. Lost in the seabed, he was saved at the last minute by a queen conch, which finally convinced him to look for a shell… like that of the queen conch. Joined in his adventures by his grandmother Marcelle, they will meet people who will help them in their quest ... or make their task more difficult. Invited to do so in the introduction, the children present in the audience did not fail to participate, alerting Bernard of a danger, shouting their enthusiasm or applauding strongly between each fade to black. The scenography is beautiful and the costumes splendid. The finesse of the play of the four actors contributes to this underwater immersion, whether you are small or large, you dive. Bravo to Luc Bouthors and Elisabeth Rolland. Special mention shell to Virginie Conties and Elisabeth Rolland who play several characters, jumping from one costume to another, with, as far as the second is concerned, a natural and hilarious gift for accents. The writing of this piece is collective, with a clear desire to make this very young audience - and accompanying adults - aware of the preservation of the seabed, the environmental cause and the overfishing of queen conch. Each message is part of the narrative logic of the show nicely lit and to music by Erwan Trotel, actor in the shadows essential to the general coherence of this theatrical proposal which will leave you with wonderful memories. _VX

Saturday November 27 at 18 p.m.

 • Sunday November 28 at 18 p.m.

• Additional session: Sunday December 5 at 18 p.m.

 Tickets: Adults € 12 - Children € 8


Tel. : 06 90 55 87 44 -

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