TENNIS: Pierre Assier de Pompignan from TCISM selected as a ball collector at Roland Garros!


A member of the Tennis Club Ile de Saint-Martin, Pierre Assier de Pompignan has cultivated his passion for tennis since childhood. Roland Garros, obviously the young boy who has been playing tennis since he was three years old would not have missed a beat but this year it is not in front of his television but directly on the famous Parisian courts that he will experience the competition .

This is an event that does not happen so often. Being a ballboy at the French internationals at Roland Garros, what pride for Pierre!

The 14-year-old knows how demanding the selection is; there are many volunteers but few chosen ones.

“It is a source of pride for me and my TCISM club to become a ball boy at Roland Garros. The members of the club know how difficult it is to be retained”, explains Pierre.

To hope to pick up the yellow ball, Pierre had to follow sharp selections in Guadeloupe. “During the first selection, we are evaluated on physical tests, such as speed, resistance and endurance. Then, technical tests: coordination, rolling and throwing.

More than 4000 young people between the ages of 12 and 16 take part in these selections. Suffice to say that the game was not won in advance for Pierre who finally received an email from the management of Roland Garros informing him of his participation in the next Porte d'Auteuil tournament from May 17 to June 11, 2023. Congratulations to Pierre who will live a waking dream for three weeks in the presence of world tennis stars._AF

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