Testimony: A feeling of extreme fear in the street A reader came to our newspaper to tell us the following facts.


Yesterday Monday March 8 (Editor's note: Women's Day) she walked in the rue Félix Eboué to get to the community. While crossing the rue de la Liberté (…), she saw 4 young people pass on 2 scooters. When she heard the scooters stop, a sixth sense made her turn around and she saw the young people on the scooters heading towards her. She had the presence of mind and the courage to keep her gaze in their direction as she kept her hand holster against her. The young people turned around and left. She felt hate in their eyes and got the fear of her life. She hastened to reach an area with more people.

She recommends to all, and especially to women who are more vulnerable to snatch thieves, “to be very careful when walking in the street not to carry a shoulder bag or wallet case because it is no longer the Saint. -Martin before, the order no longer exists. We are in a very dangerous period. ” _AH

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