TELEVISION: Soon the filming of a TV film in Saint-Martin


Among the decisions of the Executive Council on February 22, was the granting of exceptional aid to the audiovisual production company Eloa Prod for the filming of a successful television film in the territory of Saint-Martin.

Created in 2005, Eloa Prod specializes in the production of films and television programs. With extensive experience in the audio-visual sector, she has produced 25 audiovisual productions, including four from the “Murtres à…” series in the overseas territories (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, French Polynesia) as well as eight other series. Several of these works have won prizes and awards at international festivals between 2010 and 2022, notably in Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, France and the United States. The audiovisual production company Eloa Prod therefore mobilized the exceptional aid system of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin as part of the production of its TV film “Murder in Saint-Martin”. This 90-minute TV film project will be part of the fiction series “Murders in…” in partnership with France Télévisions which expects an average of 4 to 5 million viewers during its broadcast. The Collectivity of Saint-Martin supports projects qualified as “exceptional projects” which will have a major economic and social impact for the territory and through this project by highlighting the audiovisual and cinematographic industry in the economic development of the territory. In this specific context, the Executive Council of February 22, 2024 decided to issue a favorable opinion on the allocation of an operating subsidy in the amount of €200.000. This sum will cover the costs related to the filming of his project to produce his feature-length TV film. The total cost of production is estimated at €2.504.041 for travel costs. This film, intended for broadcast on France 3, will highlight the specificities of Saint-Martin, notably its landscapes, the two local governments, but also cross-border cooperation alongside a fiction relating to the investigation of murders. A successful police series on France 3 since 2013, “Murders at…” now has more than forty episodes. Brilliantly blurring the lines, each plot unfolds against a backdrop of mysteries and local beliefs in the heart of the cities and most beautiful regions of France and Overseas. Soon, Saint-Martin will be added to the list with heavenly settings and suspense guaranteed. _VX

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