TECHNOLOGY: The digital transition is coming to the CCISM


The Interprofessional Consular Chamber of Saint-Martin organized its first “E-Weekend” dedicated to digital transformation over three days.

The slogan of the E-Weekend carried by the CCISM and its many partners could not be more striking: "The digital transition is a major challenge today to remain competitive". The event will have aroused a certain enthusiasm among the population. For this first day of an intensive program whose professional quality was indisputable given the means deployed, a webinar was organized this Thursday, January 26, broadcast on Facebook live thanks to a video recording from three camera angles, with the theme "What social networks for my business? ". 50 minutes of webinar to understand everything about these networks that actively participate in the growth of a business, particularly in a territory where this type of platform is heavily used. During this presentation given once in French and once in English, Oliver Gibbons, support officer at the CCISM, developed this vast subject around three axes: identifying the social network or networks for its activity according to its positioning, define a strategy on social networks consistent with its activity and develop an editorial strategy taking into account the objectives. Social networks can be a powerful tool in the success of a business if they are used intelligently. They bring visibility and contribute to customer loyalty but can also be time-consuming and a source of perdition if they are not mastered. Thanks to Oliver Gibbons and his invaluable advice, whose webinar will soon be available online on the CCISM website, participants not only learned the basics of using social networks but their secrets to boosting their business. Friday morning was devoted to schoolchildren with the visit of a hundred young people, including the third from the Colleges of Mont des Accords in Concordia and La Roche Gravée de Moho in Quartier d'Orléans, not to mention the young people from the Local Mission and the new certified Computer Assistance Technicians from the FORE Îles du Nord training center supported by Pôle Emploi. In the afternoon, the first electrotechnical Bac Pros took advantage of the information made available to them.

Young people from Saint-Martin thus discovered the various digital professions and the training available in the region by talking to the representatives of the stands set up in the Opale room of the CCISM: Dauphin Telecom, Nozin Prod, Nexus Carib, Gumbox Studio, Nelson Media Cartoon, Cloud Com97, Saint-Martin Active Initiative, Digitech Solutions SXM, ISGCN (Professional Training and Learning Center), and of course, the CCISM. A special virtual reality helmet animation with the National Nature Reserve of Saint-Martin plunged young people into the seabed for a unique experience that technology now allows. They then immortalized the event thanks to the photobooth set up for the occasion. More details on the rest of the E-Weekend in our edition tomorrow… _Vx

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