Property tax 2018: Delay in processing exemption requests


At the beginning of the year, the community and the general directorate of public finances (DGFIP) had asked the owners of the French part to come forward if their property was still destroyed on January 1, 2018 in order to be exempt from property tax. 2 files have been received by the DGFIP and 200 have been processed to date. The remaining 500 will be examined by the territorial property tax commission on November 1. The files will be classified by category: 700%, 15%, 100% exemption, etc.

In the meantime and despite the delay in processing, the tax notices were still sent with a payment deadline of October 15. "Mailings were sent on Monday to explain the situation," said William Wilczek, administrator of Public Finance in Saint Martin. “The tax remains due. The request for exemption (even without response) is not suspensive, "he said. And to ensure that reimbursements will be made after the examination of the remaining files according to the amount of the exemption decided in committee. (source:


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