SURF: Maud Le Car dedicates her title of champion of France to her island of hearts, Saint-Martin! 


Today 26 years old, Maud Le Car stood out in the most beautiful way by becoming, for the first time in its history, French champion of Surf Open, this week, in Hossegor.

Originally from Saint-Martin where she started surfing at the age of 12, Maud Le Car did not fail to dedicate her victory to her island of Saint-Martin, just after winning the national title against her formidable opponent, a certain Cannelle Bulard. “It was super nice to surf against her,” says Maud. She is a formidable competitor. So I wanted to take good waves, let go and have fun. So I am very happy.

This victory is for my island of Saint-Martin, for all the people who get involved, who have the courage every day to rebuild the island ”. All Maud Le Car supporters are now waiting for her return to the "Friendly Island" to celebrate her 1st Blue, White, Red title as it should!_AF

Ladies' Surf Result:

1 - Maud Le Car (Guadeloupe) 14.83

2 - Cinnamon Bulard (Réunion) 10.40

3 - Emma Dubes (New Aquitaine) 6.00

4 - Elisa Cazenave (New Aquitaine) 4.70

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