Grant: A budget of € 245400 released for the benefit of 16 associations


The Executive Council voted on the breakdown of grants to cultural associations for the 2020 financial year as part of the city's 2019 call for political projects.

Cultural action, understood as an instrument of social cohesion and development, has become a transversal field of local policies, as evidenced by the multiplication of artistic and cultural projects in the region.

The Collectivity intends to support these associative actions by paying a subsidy to associations having requested and justifying a coherent project and compulsory documents.

During this breakdown, € 245400 was released for the benefit of 16 associations:

• The Veterans of Saint-Martin,

• Stateless persons La Salle Timbanque,

• The sports and cultural association of the ZEP Iles Nord,

• Calyspo Events,

• Miss Saint-Martin Committee,

• Dr. Fire Benjamin,

• Explorers,

• Seafood,

• Good Friends,

• Grain d'Or Folk Culture Group,

• Headmade Factory,

• Organization and Design of artistic events,

• Sparks Association,

• Soualiwomen Cultural Association,

• The Waterfront Occupants,

• The Heritage and Ancestral of Colombier.

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