STREET ART: Three new frescoes brighten up the streets of Saint-Martin


The Wall Art St Martin collective @wallartstmartin has struck again, to the delight of young and old. The talent of these artists was no longer in doubt, they nevertheless manage to surpass themselves. The family is growing and we are delighted.

Located at the Ecole Privée Victo Hugo (Concordia) and signed Lily Hinckfoot @lilysnotanartist, this fresco is an invitation to travel. Each of the walls takes us from one continent to another. No need to take a plane to go around the globe, a glance is enough… except that we linger without counting: the colors are blazing and the details fascinating.



Now let's go to Nettle Bay to discover a calligraphy painting by the hand of Benoit Delaporte aka @ The message is clear: One Love. The artist has a compass in his eye, a rose window of white letters on a blue background, your imagination will read whatever pleases it.



Let's finish our painted overview at Terres Basses for the latest work by Wolf Art @wolf_sprayourway. Gigantic turtle surrounded by its small, Wolf revisits the original colors to offer us a shimmering palette. This artistic work plunges us into the sea while being on land, its beauty is breathtaking.


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