STREET ART: Participate in the creation of the largest fresco on the island


For some time now, magnificent frescoes have embellished the walls and buildings along the road on our island. There are several partly French, notably at Sandy Ground and one at the border of Bellevue partly Dutch near the roundabout.

These achievements are part of the “street art” project, one of the many initiatives of the Madtwoz Family association based at Sandy Ground in collaboration with the Guadeloupe artist Jimmy Sheik. The objective of this project is to beautify our island as a whole with the message  “WE LOVE ST-MARTIN or such and such a neighborhood” with huge street art frescoes of very high quality.

An association  to help young people

Madtwoz Family was founded in 2012 by Jérémy Watt in the priority district of Sandy Ground to help young people, nearly 60% of whom are unemployed, and give them a chance to get out.

Cleaning and beautification of the neighborhood with “Street Art”, cleaning and recycling of bicycles with “Bike Club”, “Association magazine” written and designed by young people, printing on textiles, creation of stickers, 3D printing with “Creative Lab”, Musical and audiovisual studio, Cybercafé, are the many activities offered by Madtwoz Family to young people of good will who want to succeed.

We encourage you dear reader to take some of your time to see what some are doing to help others on our island, even in these difficult times. This sometimes allows you to take a step back and awaken the altruism that is in each of us, but that our society tends to neglect for the benefit of its opposite.

And it feels good and it makes you want to help too. You just have to go 3 minutes on their site to discover the beautiful souls who make up this association. Type Madtwoz on google or

Faxinfo will come back in the coming weeks on the many other associations and entities "which help" on our island and for which individualism does not exist.



But today it is the title of this article in question. Madtwoz Family and Jimmy Sheik are planning to create the largest fresco on our island since it will be over 50 meters long and will be the most seen.

It will be carried out on the wall located just after the entrance to Mullet Bay when coming from the airport and going to the beach or partly French. It will be Saint-Martin's “signature” fresco for residents and tourists who will all pass by at least once.

A gigantic fresco like this one requires more than a hundred spray cans of a multitude of colors that the artists will use and Faxinfo has decided to support this project.

Support him by talking about this project to inform our readers, but also by asking all those who will want to contribute to this unique work of art and help Madtwoz in general, to make a donation - even modest - to this association who deserves it.


Donate for this unique fresco

Just go to the site (or google: “madtwoz), and at the bottom of the page you can make a donation by credit card.

A donation of 10 € for example will allow them to buy a spray paint or A4 paper.

If you do not have a credit card, you can deposit your donation in the form of a check payable to "Association Madtwoz Family" or in cash in the "Madtwoz Fresque Géante" urn which will be placed in the premises of Faxinfo in Bellevue or directly in the premises of the association Rue Grève at Sandy Ground.

Faxinfo will publish the names of the companies and individuals who have helped in this magnificent achievement which will be known all over the world.

Editor's note: Faxinfo staff donated € 10 each and your daily € 200.

Well done Madtwoz, you deserve the greatest support. _AH


Contact: +590 690 88 16 30 - Email:

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