St.Martin88 offers a vibrant concert for music education


On Sunday May 1, the St.Martin88 association presented a concert with several artists to support its music education program which it intends to launch later this year in high schools on both sides of the island. 

Josiane  Artsen-Fleming was the evening's mistress of ceremonies. In her keynote, she said, "When St.Martin88 brings together music, leadership, and education, the possibilities are endless."

Among the public present in support of this program were government officials from both sides of the island as well as others who support cultural and educational activities.

Kimball Gallagher, international pianist and founder of the NGO 88International, the initiating organization of St.Martin88, explained that St.Martin88 is rooted in the values ​​of music, inclusion and transformation. The goal of the program is to “channel the energies of young people into musical and creative pursuits, all within their after-school music clubs on both sides of the island.”

During the evening, Gallagher gave a moving performance of Chopin's Piano Sonata No. 3. Coming from the Juilliard school, he also performed 4-hand pieces by Dvorak, with a former Juilliard classmate, Lisa Wang, who was also the hostess for the evening. Wang, a Taiwanese pianist, then performed Firestorm, an evocative work by Taiwanese composer Eunice Chernikova, who was also trained at the Juilliard school.

After these performances, Josiane Artsen-Fleming returned to the stage to sing two Edith Piaf classics, “La vie en rose” and “Non, je ne regrette rien”. His nostalgic performance elicited a warm reaction from the audience. Amin Bouabdelli and Delphine also elegantly performed two famous songs, “Wonderful World” and “Hallelujah”. 

Finally, Solokween stole the show with "Don't Wait", a song urging the inhabitants of Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten to prepare for the next hurricanes, and "Heartbreak", a song in Papiamento. She electrified the audience and prompted Josiane Artsen-Fleming to speak again. She invited some members of the public to comment on the concert.

“St.Martin88 has the full support of the executive council of the French side,” said Frantz Gumbs, Vice-President of the Collectivité.

Editor's note: This concert was a magical moment

“We know without a doubt that 'the arts' are that vehicle that allows us to realize the best of our humanity. Through this vehicle of music and art, he enables us to fulfill the gift of the creator that flows within each of us, the excellence of our lived experience. The journey has already started on the Dutch side, we are all committed,” said Clara Reyes, head of the culture department, in her speech.

88 International has similar programs in Tunisia, Senegal, Taiwan and Myanmar and has reached tens of thousands of students who have in turn produced hundreds of their own songs and events raising their voices on various topics of their choosing. , such as the cause of women, the state of the environment, their country and other social issues. St. Martin88 hopes to join them soon.

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