SHOW: Joséphine Baker honored by the students of the Siméonne Trott school


Thanks to a partnership with the Collège du Mont des Accords radio club, the young pupils of the Siméonne Trott school presented a musical retracing the life of the famous Joséphine Baker in the college's auditorium.

A theatrical project led by Madame Creusot, teacher of the large section of the Siméonne Trott nursery school, and Martine Magnier, director of the same establishment, this initiative was financed by the Academic Delegation for Artistic Education and Cultural Action (DAAC ) from Guadeloupe, which allowed the intervention in class, throughout the school year, of two actresses from the Théâtre de la Chapelle, Virginie Contiès and Georgina Cornely. The theatrical adventure began with the “Théâtre en Herbe” project, the objective of which was to allow a class of large section to discover the power and the benefits of the theater, by first attending, last December, the show “ Bernard, the hermit who didn't want a shell”, great success at the Théâtre de la Chapelle. 

Over the course of the academic year, other classes have joined this ambitious project by providing the songs, dances, choreography and the creation of sets and costumes. No less than 114 pupils, which represents half of the Siméonne Trott nursery school, took part in the musical “Josephine”. The theme was not chosen by chance, emblematic figure, freedom-loving artist, resistance fighter, civil rights activist, mother and woman committed against racism at Milandes who entered the Pantheon last November, the great dancer with an atypical life course advocates values ​​dear to the director of the school, Martine Magnier. This original creation is the result of joint work between teachers, actresses and children. For several months, artistic and cultural activities based on knowledge, self-esteem and others were at the heart of the process of creating the musical. The children, somewhat shy at the start, revealed themselves as the rehearsals progressed, perhaps arousing great vocations. The show itself presented the various portraits of Josephine Baker's life, including her difficult childhood, her passion for dancing, her career in Paris, her participation in the Resistance as a counterintelligence agent, her activism with of Martin Luther King, until his ruin and his death. During a show that the parents savored with pride, the pupils of the Siméonne Trott school, fulfilled and happy, paid tribute to Joséphine Baker in proportion to her greatness of soul. _VX

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